PM Orbán ahead of EU summit: We must defend the utility cost reduction program

The Hungarian Prime Minister took to his Facebook page and said in a brief video that he is expecting a “long debate,” as the lights “have already been shut” in the heads of some EU bureaucrats.

In a short video prior to the upcoming summit in Brussels of EU heads of state and government, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that Hungary “must not let Brussels bureaucrats question the results of our utility cost reduction program.”

“I’m expecting a long debate. The lights here have already been turned off, at least in the heads of some EU bureaucrats,” PM Orbán said, adding that there are tough conflicts on the horizon about measures that could potentially ruin all of Europe’s middle class.

In another statement on the topic of EU action against Poland, Prime Minister Orbán said that “there is a witch hunt in Europe against Poland, but the truth is on Poland’s side, so we will stand by them.”

“EU institutions have nothing to do with areas where national parliaments haven’t transferred powers to the European Union. Those competencies belong to national constitutions and courts,” PM Orbán said. According to him, there is a process of “stealthy extension of powers” going on in the EU. This is something that has to be stopped, the prime minister said, adding that “the Poles had the courage to start this battle. Our place is right beside them.”