PM Orbán calls for a ceasefire in Ukraine

“We want peace and a ceasefire,” the prime minister said.

Speaking in Belgrade on Wednesday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán called for a ceasefire in Ukraine "to avert imminent danger".
“We want peace and a ceasefire,” the prime minister said at a joint press conference with Serbian President Alexandar Vučić and Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer. Referring to the missile incident in which two people died in Poland on Tuesday, Orbán said: “It is important to express our sympathy and to be aware that since there is war in the neighbourhood, we are in danger.” “We are in danger in an economic sense, too,” Orbán said, referring to an outage of oil supplies to Hungary via the Druzhba pipeline on Tuesday. “When your citizens and your economy are in danger, you must singularly focus on averting that danger, and this can only be achieved through a ceasefire,” he said. The Hungarian government continues to urge the European Union to facilitate Serbia’s full and swift integration into the bloc, he said, adding that Serbia’s EU membership was in the interests of Europe, and the community “could fight migration a lot more easily were Serbia inside the EU already”. Had Serbia been “granted membership yesterday, or the day before yesterday, we’d be in a better situation now,” he said.