PM Orbán: Democracy is alive and well

The prime minister said Hungary held two elections on Sunday, and "we have won both".

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told members of his ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance as partial results were being announced that Hungary held two elections on Sunday, and "we have won both".
Turnout was around 57% at the European Parliament and local elections on Sunday, “another nice record”, PM Orbán said. “Democracy is alive and well, thank you,” he added. The people of Hungary “have sent a clear message that they want peace”, he said, adding that the “political message” of the EP elections was that Hungarians made it clear that they chose peace over war. Orbán said the election result reinforced the government’s pro-peace policy, vowing that the government would use the mandate given to it by voters to “redouble its efforts to keep Hungary out of the war”. “To sum up the results of the European parliamentary election, we can send a telegram to Brussels that reads ‘Migration stop, gender stop, war stop, Soros stop, Brussels stop,'” Orbán said. With 83.57% of the vote counted, Fidesz was set to gain 11 EP seats, with Péter Magyar’s Tisza party capturing 7 seats, the left-wing opposition alliance 2 mandates and the Our Homeland Movement a single seat. With 95.64% of the vote counted, the result of the Budapest mayoral election gave the incumbent, Gergely Karácsony, a razor-thin lead.