PM Orbán: European elections are about Hungary

The Prime Minister said the EP elections are about Hungary and sending the Hungarian people’s message to Brussels

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said this weekend’s European Parliamentary elections are not about what’s happening in distant parts, but about the lives of all Hungarians.

During the inauguration of an automotive industry test track in Zalaegerszeg, western Hungary, the Prime Minister asked people not to think about this as a remote thing happening in distant Europe, "because this is your election, it is about Hungary and sending the Hungarian people’s message to Brussels,” he said.

The Prime Minister added that he is not as optimistic as the polling agencies and urged people to vote on Sunday. “I am not as optimistic as the polls,” PM Orbán said, adding that in good times it is more difficult to involve people into politics.

He said the stakes lie with whether Europe will be led by pro- or anti-immigration politicians, how strong a voice Hungary will have in Brussels and the votes will either reinforce or weaken existing governments.

Hungarians vote on Sunday, May 26th in this year's EP elections.

Photo credit: kormany.hu