PM Orbán: Government to make “unexpected, forceful and serious decisions” to boost economy

The Hungarian government will have to make serious economic decisions in order to achieve 5.5 percent GDP growth in 2021.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said the Hungarian government will have to make “unexpected, forceful and serious decisions” with regard to the Hungarian economy in order to achieve 5.5 percent GDP growth in 2021, in which case it will be able to afford a tax refund for families.

PM Orbán warned that developments over the coming weeks would be crucial in achieving that goal. “Unless the operative body overseeing the relaunch of the Hungarian economy, headed by [Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade] Péter Szijjártó, submits 15-20 forceful and occasionally surprising measures to the government in the coming weeks, the 5.5 percent growth will not be achieved,” he said. PM Orbán also noted “serious problems” in the construction industry, saying that steep rises in the price of materials had “syphoned away” government support for home reconstruction from families and into the pockets of manufacturers. Countermeasures could be discussed in government as soon as this week, he added.

When asked about the EU’s climate protection goals and a planned carbon tax, PM Orbán said the government disagreed with taxing households in the interest of climate protection. The V4 have so far been united in their opposition to such a plan, he said, adding that hopefully they would remain that way. When asked about the debate on the future of the EU, PM Orbán said Hungary will be an active participant in it. Advertisements the government has put out in foreign papers reflect its official position in the debate, he said, adding that parliament is expected to approve a resolution regarding the future of the bloc in the autumn. The prime minister said he hoped that the debate will be followed up with some sort of European convention for talks on possible amendments to the bloc’s founding treaty.