PM Orbán: Hungarians consider Slovenians their friends and Christian brothers

“We are proud of your friendship, Hungary salutes the Slovenian people and their brave leaders,” the prime minister said.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said Hungarians consider Slovenians their friends and Christian brothers and are pleased to be their neighbors.
PM Orbán was in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana on Friday to mark the 30th anniversary of Slovenia’s statehood and its upcoming Presidency of the Council of the European Union. “When we Hungarians come to visit Slovenia we see a beautiful country. When we open a book on Slovenia’s history we read about the fate of a thousand-year-old nation,” PM Orbán said in his address.

“You won your freedom and independence you fought for thirty years ago almost unarmed, but with full composure and courage. The whole world then understood that Slovenia is the home of the brave, of those who want their own country back,” PM Orbán said, adding that Hungarians understand what it means to fight against a greater power. “What makes a nation great is its traditions, pride and spirit,” he said.
“We see the work, creativity and calm spiritual strength with which you have made Slovenia spectacularly successful,” PM Orbán said, adding that “the stronger, richer and happier our neighbour is, the better for us, Hungarians, and for Hungary”.