PM Orbán: Hungarians maintain an ‘everlasting’ union with sports

The prime minister said Hungarians had dedicated the World Athletics Championships to peace.

Addressing a reception held in honor of the World Athletics Championships in Budapest, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said Hungarians maintained an ‘everlasting’ union with sports.

“Anyone here in Budapest in the past few days can see that Hungary is both ancient and modern, nationally-minded and open; they see the true essence of Hungarians: passionate and respectful,” PM Orbán said in his address at the event held at the House of Hungarian Music. “Love of sports and respect for sports heroes supersedes almost all else.” “It’s little wonder that we’ve hosted so many brilliant sports events,” he said, referring to aquatics championships, fencing and judo world championships, European handball championships, Giro d’Italia and the Europa League final. “Hopefully the Champions League final also will be held here soon,” he added. Budapest is now a hub of the sports-loving world, Orbán said. He noted that Hungary is eighth in the medal table of the Summer Olympics. “And yet, we’re the only country out of the top ten not to have hosted the Olympic Games. This can’t go on like this forever,” he added. The prime minister said Hungarians had dedicated the Championships to peace. Finally, he thanked the event’s organizers for all their hard work.