PM Orbán: Hungary will not transport weapons to Ukraine

The prime minister added that Hungary must prepare for a growing number of refugees from Ukraine.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said Hungary must prepare for a growing number of refugees from Ukraine. He also confirmed that weapons will not be transported to Ukraine from the territory of Hungary.

After a meeting of the national security operative board, PM Orbán said on Facebook that the participants had assessed the situation on the 12th day of the war. A decree has been published that “makes it clear that no weapons shipments can be transported from the territory of Hungary to the territory of Ukraine,” he said. PM Orbán called it “worrisome” that military action in Ukraine was shifting nearer to Hungary. As a result, the number of refugees is expected to grow, he said. “We must be prepared for having to look after an increasing number of people,” he said, adding that decisions had been made to guarantee smooth cooperation between authorities and civil organisations. Diplomatic measures have been planned for this week because further efforts will be made “in the interest of restoring peace”. Visegrad Group prime ministers will meet in London on Tuesday, ahead of a meeting of European Union prime ministers meeting on Thursday and Friday in Paris, he said. “We will try to stop war and open talks that could lead to peace,” he said.

Photo credit: MTI