PM Orbán: Hungary’s stance on illegal migration has become the generally accepted approach in Europe

The prime minister said Hungary's policy against Muslim migration is “now well-known throughout the European community” and had been “a success”.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said Hungary’s standpoint against illegal migration has become the generally accepted approach in Europe.

Following a Visegrad Group summit in Prague, PM Orbán referred to Hungary’s border fence built in 2015 and a policy against Muslim migration. He said the policy, “now well-known throughout the European community”, had been “a success”.

According to MTI, PM Orbán said times had changed since the period when Hungarians were subjected to insults for protecting our borders. “We’re doing our job and we believe that our work speaks for itself,” he said.

The prime minister said he advised every country to carry out Hungary’s policy of 2015. “Even if Greece’s attempt to hold back migrants is successful, we shouldn’t forget about the 130,000 people who are already north of the Greek border and who want to get into Europe,” he added.

“They must be stopped at the borders that come after Greece,” the prime minister said, referring to help offered to Macedonia and Serbia to protect their borders. He said that if the crowd cannot be stopped in the south, then Hungary will form the final barrier, and they will be stopped at the Serbian-Hungarian border.

Photo credit: 24.hu