PM Orbán: The “woke movement” in the West is increasing in popularity

The prime minister said the words may be new but they followed “the same intellectual pattern as Marxism”.

In an interview with Czech daily Lidové Noviny, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said the “woke movement” in the West was increasing in popularity.

According to MTI, the prime minister added that the words may be new but they followed “the same intellectual pattern as Marxism”. Whenever there is a prolonged period of liberal governments that neglect culture, traditions, history and religion, Marxism grows more popular, PM Orbán said. “We, in central Europe, are vaccinated against Marxism.” The prime minister added that for Westerners, Marxism was an intellectual matter. “But central Europeans know that the Marxist basis for organising the economy and society results in dictatorship; Marxism and democracy cannot work together.” PM Orbán said he had hoped the EU accession of central European countries would add an anti-Communist, anti-Marxist and anti-Leninist culture to current pan-European culture. “But they did not want this.”

PM Orbán said the West had grown out of Christianity, becoming inseparable from the enlightenment and rationality. That combination had resulted in the most competitive and successful form of life in the world, he said. “But it’s being lost now because we are giving up the historic foundations of Christianity.” Commenting on a recent visit by Pope Francis to Budapest, PM Orbán said people who believe in Christianity as a part of the future and not only of the past should join forces. There are many power groups that want to push the European continent to a post-Christian era, he said, which is especially popular among Brussels bureaucrats, he added. Since the Vatican is still the greatest Christian power in global politics, PM Orbán said he had humbly asked the Holy Father to help Christians survive.

Commenting on Hungary’s child protection laws, PM Orbán said Hungary had approved legislation stating that parents have the exclusive right over their children’s school and sex education, and LGBTQ activists or representatives of any other ideologies had no business in this area. Brussels wants to change this and their position is that LGBTQ activists must be allowed in schools, he added. PM Orbán said the Hungarian legislation did not apply to adults above 18 years of age and only concerned the protection of children.

PM Orbán said French president Emmanuel Macron’s recent call for an independent EU foreign policy was an “exciting and interesting idea”. Hungary would be glad to participate in debates regarding strategic autonomy and sovereignty, he added. He said existing differences between V4 members’ positions regarding the approach to Russia may be resolved. One of the most important tasks for the EU would be to give European security and military guarantees to Poland and the Baltic states, he added. Commenting on disputes concerning gas supplies, PM Orbán said the reality was that Europe could not function without Russian gas.

Photo credit: Facebook/Orbán Viktor