PM Orbán will not move his office to Buda Castle

However, the government is seeking to relocate the ministries to their historical locations in accordance with tradition

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is not relocating his office to Buda Castle and will continue to reside at Cinege út in Budapest, according to Bence Tuzson, minister of state for Government Communication.

Tuzson made the comments following the publication of several unfounded news reports regarding the relocation of the Prime Minister’s Office to the Castle of Buda.

Tuzson pointed out that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán resides at Cinege út in Budapest and does not plan to relocate.

He added that PM Orbán’s study will be furnished with replicas of the furniture of former Prime Minister István Tisza’s study now located in Debrecen “which is widely known to be puritan in style”, and therefore “there is no need for any special investment”.

Plans call for furnishing the rooms to receive foreign dignitaries, using furniture that is already in museum ownership or is to be transferred to museum ownership. No decision of any kind has been adopted regarding the furnishings of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Following the completion of the works, the new building will be open to the public for an extended period, and everyone will have the opportunity to view it, Tuzson stressed.

He said that the government is seeking to relocate the ministries – in accordance with historical traditions – to the environment in which they were once located. As part of this effort, for instance, the Ministry of Interior will relocate to its own former building, while the Ministry for National Economy will be able to move to the original building of the Ministry of Finance.