President Áder pushes forward with Hungary's sustainable development plans

Hungarian European Business Council members presented President Áder with the best practices aimed at sustainable development

President János Áder has discussed Hungary’s sustainable development with the leaders of several multinational companies, MTI reports today.

Roland Jakab, head of the Hungarian European Business Council (HEBC) and managing director of Ericsson Hungary said that HEBC members presented to Áder the best practices aimed at sustainable development.

Digital transformation was discussed at the meeting, including preparations needed for projected changes and the opportunities involved in IT solutions that can handle some of the greatest current problems, such as the challenges connected to sustainable development, he added.

The business council was represented by companies from several sectors, including food industry, chemicals industry, energy, telecommunications and IT.

Csaba Kőrösi, a director in charge of environmental sustainability at the President’s Office, said that multinationals usually make global plans. President Áder asked them to present how these would be applied and function in practice in Hungary. He said he would welcome the council’s proposals on how to accelerate Hungary on the path to digital society, Kőrösi said.