President Novák emphasizes importance of making decisions freely

President Novák told American students “not to be afraid when you have to make a decision”.

President Katalin Novák outlined Hungarian family policy and supporting measures, and emphasized the importance of being able to make decisions freely. Addressing students at Franciscan University in Ohio on Tuesday, on the final day of her visit to the United States, President Novák told them “not to be afraid when you have to make a decision”.

On the subject of Hungary’s relationship with Russia, the president said Hungary’s position was “crystal clear”: it condemns Russian aggression in Ukraine and supports Ukraine’s territorial integrity. At the same time, Hungary pursues a “pragmatic relationship” with Russia to ensure its citizens can heat their homes, for which Russian oil and gas is essential. When it comes to sanctions, a similarly “rational and pragmatic approach” is needed, she added. At the wreath-laying ceremony at the statue of Lajos Kossuth in Cleveland, Novák quoted Kossuth’s speech on democracy made in the Ohio state legislature in 1852: “All for the people, and all by the people. Nothing about the people without the people…” President Novák said Hungary was still fighting for these ideas and values so that people can decide for themselves how they want to live. Mayor of Cleveland Justin Bibb at the event called for closer ties between the city and Hungary.

Photo credit: Facebook/Novák Katalin