President Novák: Pro-family is answer to demographic crisis

The Hungarian government has spent 6% of the country’s GDP, the highest ratio in the world on family support schemes.

In an address delivered at the Swiss Economic Forum in Interlaken on Thursday, President Katalin Novák said Europe’s future could be compromised “unless a pro-family answer is given to the demographic crisis”.

The president said that while immigration could be preferred as a possible answer, the alternative is to provide support to families and promote childbirth “as Hungary has so chosen through its family-centered, family-friendly policies”. She added that the Hungarian government has spent 6% of the country’s GDP, the “highest ratio in the world” on family support schemes. Novák said it was crucial to find ways to provide people raising children with economic benefits. Referring to the Hungarian government’s measures, she said those included personal income tax exemption for mothers with four or more children, free nursery care, and preferential student loans or mortgage benefits to young parents. Speaking about the economy, Novák highlighted Hungary’s reducing its unemployment rate below 4%. Answering a question, the president said Hungary recognised Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, but added that her country “must make compromises due to its energy dependency”.