Tímea Babos becomes first world number one tennis player in Hungary's history

Tímea Babos has won the Australian Open, the world championships, the masters and will be crowned World number one on Monday

Tímea Babos has become the first Hungarian female tennis player to reach the world number one spot.

Babos keeps writing tennis history and her latest fete of reaching the WTA Doubles World number 1 has topped them all.

She became the first Hungarian world champion in tennis, won the Australian Open, and now is doing extremely well at Wimbledon. Regardless of the Wimbledon outcome at the end of this week, Babos will be crowned world number 1 on Monday.

“The World No. 1 title was not handed to me by others; I managed to get it with years of hard work,” Babos said..

She also mentioned that she has always managed to achieve every goal she and her coach set.

“We set this goal this year that, after winning the Singapore Masters last year, I would like to have a Grand Slam title and the world No. 1 spot in my pocket. Here I am having both at the moment," she added.

Babos also stated that she can still achieve big things over the coming months and years.

“The Grand Slam title was waiting for itself. I had a couple of finals behind me, so to finally get that title, especially with one of my best friends on tour, it was extraordinary (…) I have a feeling that I keep writing history all the time with having the Australia Open title or the masters title, or I was holding the highest career ranking also before, and just to be No. 1 is, of course, very special,” she told the WTA in an interview. .

Babos concluded that even though Hungary isn't a typical tennis country, she thinks the people at home are delighted and supporting of her career and success.