Ukrainian nationality advocate addresses Hungarian parliament

In her address to the Hungarian National Assembly that she began in her mother tongue, Ukrainian nationality advocate Liliána Grexa thanked the Hungarian government for its support and talked about the life-and-death struggle Ukrainians must endure due to Russian aggression against their homeland.

Speaking on Monday afternoon in the Hungarian parliament, Liliána Grexa began by thanking the Hungarian government and relevant ministries for their support in establishing the first school to teach Ukrainian as a minority supplementary language in Hungary.

“A lot of work and negotiations have preceded this moment, and there are still many tasks ahead of us, but I am sure that once this school is up and running, it will be an important cornerstone for the further development of the Ukrainian nationality in Hungary,” Liliána Grexa said.

Shifting the focus of her address to the war in Ukraine, Grexa said that it had been 368 days since Russia launched a “full-scale attack” on Ukraine, adding that the offensive is not simply destroying cities, demolishing energy systems, and bombing apartment blocks, but is ultimately killing thousands of innocent people.

“But for 368 days, the Ukrainian people have been holding out against Russian aggression, which has claimed a high number of victims,” Grexa said noting that, in the meantime, nearly 18 million Ukrainians have been forced to leave their homeland due to Russian attacks.

“Today I commemorate not only 368 days of being unbreakable, but also 368 days of assistance and inclusion,” the nationality advocate said, thanking all those providing support to Ukraine and standing in solidarity with them.