Views of Hungary never seen before

A long list of nature and environment photographers have kept Hungary among the world’s best for photography in recent years.


Most recently, Péter Orbán, a nature photographer from Badacsonyörs, has won various photography awards and has had his work appear in National Geographic and PhotoPlus.

Known as the photographer of Lake Balaton in an article by Roadster, Péter travels by foot, by bike, or by car to capture the special moments. According to him, “there is almost no moment at Lake Balaton that would not be special.” The photographer will browse the online map for days to be able to discover new and different vantage points to capture that have not been photographed before. He noted that Balaton is always good to return to and where he can travel without going on a trip.

Péter grew up in Badacsonyörs, a village along Lake Balaton. For over ten years photography has been an important part of Péter’s life. He started working as a professional photographer in 2015. His work includes weddings, events, and real estate. Although his main focus is landscape and aerial photography, which has seen his work appear on book covers, magazines, advertising campaigns, online and in print media.

Other notable Hungarian nature photographers have won awards in recent years. Zsolt Kudich won the Grand Prize at the second annual Big Picture Photo competition in 2015 in San Francisco, and in 2016 won 3rd place at National Geographic’s nature photographer of the year contest. In 2017, Ferenc Lőrincz Jr. was a recipient at the 32nd International Festival of Diving Films and Photography in Slovakia. Bence Máté won first prize in the nature category at the World Press Photo (WPP) awards in 2019.

Earlier in 2020, Eszter Horváth was the first ever Hungarian woman to win first prize at the WPP. Her photo won the environment category which is still on exhibit at the National Museum in Budapest until October 25.