Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's statement on Facebook following a special meeting of the European Council

25 February 2022 Brussels

It is 2.30 a.m. here in Brussels. The EU summit of heads of state and government has just ended. We agreed that war cannot be the solution to any conflict situation. We jointly condemned Russia's military action against Ukraine and decided to unite in imposing sanctions. These sanctions do not extend to energy; so, despite the sanctions, energy supplies to Hungary and the other Member States of the EU are guaranteed. We have decided that more money should be spent on the security of countries neighbouring Ukraine – including Hungary – and that more money should be spent on the defence of our eastern borders. We agreed that we need to behave responsibly, and that rash and irresponsible statements will only worsen the situation and endanger the security of Europeans. I made it clear that we shall stand up for Hungary's national interests, and we shall not allow anyone to draw Hungary into this war. We finished here at half past two, and later we will continue at NATO.

Photo credit: MTI