Pan-European Picnic


PM Orbán: Freedom fighters like us always knew there was one, single Europe

Even at times of division, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said, “freedom fighters like us always knew that there was only one, single Europe.” As the prime minister reflected on the historic significance of Hungary-Germany relations, Hungary’s role in German reunification and the future of Europe, German Chancellor Angela Merkel named the Pan-European Picnic a symbol of unity and thanked Hungarians who 30 years ago helped overcome the lines of division.

Aug 19, 2019 - Zoltán Kovács
News in Brief

Hungary celebrates 30th anniversary of Pan-European Picnic

On this day 30 years ago – one day before Hungary’s St Stephen Day celebrations - several hundred East Germans crossed the frontier between Hungary and Austria during the Pan-European Picnic, part of the events that began the process of the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

Aug 19, 2019