Here's the latest national consultation questionnaire

Hungary's 11th national consultation campaign asks for people's opinions on a range of pressing issues, including the economic reboot, family policy, migration, child protection and Hungarian vaccine production.

Public opinion on matters of national importance remains a priority for the Orbán Government, and as post-pandemic life gets under way we face a number of important questions. That’s why we’re launching the next national consultation.

The consultation consists of a questionnaire mailed to every Hungarian household. It has proven an effective means of ensuring that policies of significance rest on popular consent. It’s much more efficient than a referendum, not only because it’s less costly but also because it can cover a wide range of issues. The ongoing consultation is the eleventh since 2010.

Here's the official, English translation of the latest national consultation questionnaire.

1. According to some, the post-pandemic world has changed in many respects, and a new, more threatening era has begun. This means that Hungary must be strengthened so that it can meet the new challenges. Others, however, believe that everything will go back to the way it was before the pandemic so there’s no need for such action.


  • A more threatening era has begun, and Hungary must be strengthened.
  • The world will go back to normal, so this is not necessary.

2. Some say that strengthening Hungary should start with raising the minimum wage to HUF 200,000, because this will also ensure that not only companies but also the Hungarian people will benefit from economic growth. Others say that this is not necessary.


  • The minimum wage has to be raised as soon as possible.
  • There is no need to raise the minimum wage.

3. Some say that Hungary can be strengthened if constitutional protection is given to family benefits, low taxes on labor and pensions so that no government can take them away from people in times of crisis. Others argue that this is not necessary, and people should pay the price of crises.


  • It is important that family benefits, pensions and low labor-related taxes receive constitutional protection.
  • It is not necessary to give constitutional protection to these measures.

4. Some say that to strengthen Hungary, it is important that taxes on labor become the lowest in Europe. Others say this is not necessary, and we should return to the policy of the Gyurcsány era and raise taxes on labor.


  • Hungary should have the lowest labor taxes in Europe.
  • We should return to the policies of the Gyurcsány era and increase taxes instead.

5. Some people suggest that if the government succeeds in driving economic growth above 5.5%, then parents raising children should get a refund of the personal income tax they paid in 2021 (up to the taxes paid for the average wage), as they have borne the greatest burden during the epidemic. Others say this is not necessary.


  • Parents raising children should get a refund of their taxes paid in 2021 (up to the taxes paid for the average wage)
  • There is no need to further support parents raising children and families.

6. According to some, the credit moratorium should be extended from September 2021 until July 2022 so that families and businesses who are in need can continue to be exempt from repaying their loans. Banks say this is not necessary, the moratorium should be lifted and everyone should start paying off their loans.


  • The credit moratorium should be extended for those in need.
  • Banks are right, and the credit moratorium should be lifted.

7. After the pandemic, Brussels will use its power again and launch proceedings against our country to impose its will on Hungarians. According to some, Hungary must take on the debates and stand up for its interests. Others believe Hungary should give in to Brussels.


  • Hungary must stand up for its interests in every dispute.
  • We must let Brussels have its way.

8. Brussels wants to impose new taxes on us and make Hungarian families pay the costs of environmental pollution and climate change caused by multinational companies through higher utility bills.


  • Big multinationals should pay the price for their environmentally destructive activities.
  • Families must also pay the price of environmental pollution.

9. Organizations funded by George Soros have launched a wide-ranging international attack on Hungary over its child protection law. This law prohibits sexual propaganda directed at children in kindergartens, schools and media accessible to children.


  • The law rightly limits sexual propaganda aimed at children.
  • Sexual propaganda directed at children does not carry any risk, so it is unnecessary to ban it.

10. After the epidemic, George Soros will attack Hungary again because Hungarians are against illegal migration. According to some, we should resist pressure from Soros organizations, while others believe Hungary should give in to migration.


  • Hungary must resist the pressure from Soros organizations.
  • We must surrender in the migration debate.

11. Many believe that in times of epidemics, it poses a huge threat if everyone can freely enter Hungary. The possibility to impose restrictions in the event of new epidemic outbreaks should be maintained, and entering Hungary should only be possible with a medical visa from countries affected by epidemics. Others argue that the epidemic is over and free travel from all countries should be unrestricted.


  • Those wishing to enter Hungary from a country affected by an epidemic must have a medical visa.
  • The epidemic is over, and free travel from all countries should be granted without restrictions.

12. According to Brussels bureaucrats and George Soros organizations, mass migration should be accelerated after the epidemic. Migrants arriving by sea must be compulsorily distributed among European countries. The Government of Hungary does not support any mandatory distribution. The government’s position is that after the epidemic, migrants can only be admitted on a voluntary basis and distribution among EU countries should not be mandatory.


  • There is no need for mandatory distribution, migrants cannot be forced on any country.
  • We must meet Brussels’ expectations and admit migrants to Hungary.

13. Some argue that for two years after the epidemic, a migrant STOP is needed. The borders should be completely closed to migrants because they could bring new virus mutations into Hungary. According to Brussels bureaucrats, migrants arriving during the epidemic should not be refused entry.


  • A migrant STOP is needed in the first two years after the epidemic.
  • Migrants arriving during the epidemic must be admitted to Hungary

14. At the time of the epidemic, there was clearly a major struggle in the international market for vaccines. Some believe that in the age of epidemics, this vulnerability must be eliminated, and a Hungarian vaccine factory is needed. Others say this is not necessary.


  • We need a Hungarian vaccine factory.
  • There is no need for a Hungarian vaccine factory; it is enough to rely on vaccines offered from abroad.

Returning the questionnaire is free of charge. Deadline: August 25, 2021.