It’s official: the EP is in the hands of the pro-migration clique

Today will go down as a dark day in the history of the European Union. The pro-migration forces have asserted a majority in the European Parliament. They’re blackmailing Hungary and other member states that oppose immigration and are handing out EU taxpayers’ money to NGOs to promote and assist immigration.

Today, in Brussels, we witnessed another affront to countries that oppose illegal migration. The European Parliament’s pro-migration majority adopted a decision that essentially declares that the rule of law prevails only in those member states that accept illegal migrants, while threatening to withdraw EU funds from states like Hungary that oppose immigration and say no to the Soros plan.

This is insane.

First, they abuse the EU’s Fundamental Rights Report to include the admission of illegals as a condition of the rule of law, then they adopt a decision that would openly sanction countries opposed to illegal migration. This is pure blackmail.

If that weren’t enough, the European Parliament also adopted the “Rights and Values” program, which would allow the European Union to make 850 million euros of funding available – three times as much as proposed by the European Commission – to NGOs operating in Europe that strive for an “open and inclusive society”. The regulation would provide resources to those NGOs that support Brussels's immigration policy and promote an “open society” whenever the EU’s “fundamental values” are allegedly “at risk”.

Cut the lavish EU slang. We all know what that means. It means that a liberal, open society, “Sorosocracy” – an international regime that drives the radical Soros agenda and has no democratic mandate – will be raising the alarm that “fundamental values” are allegedly “at risk”. And it also means that in the future, European taxpayer money will flow to the coffers of so-called civic groups, pro-migration NGOs – which rely on foreign funding and also carry no democratic mandate – will continue to go after Hungary and other EU member states who oppose immigration and stand up for our national identity and sovereignty.