PM Orbán addresses crowd of unprecedented numbers: “Our biggest battle is about to begin”

“They want to take our country away. Not with the stroke of a pen like they did a hundred years ago in Trianon,” said Prime Minister Orbán in his March 15th address before a crowd estimated in the hundreds of thousands to commemorate the 170th anniversary of Hungary’s 1848 Revolution and War of Independence, “but that we voluntarily hand it over to others in the decades to come.”

The tradition of the prime minister’s address on March 15th goes back decades. Today, Prime Minister Orbán delivered the address before a massive crowd that turned out in support of the government, covering Kossuth Square and spilling over into the adjoining streets.

“One hundred and seventy years ago was the day when the Hungarian word for freedom, szabadság, entered the world’s lexicon,” PM Orbán began, adding that Hungarians need the very same seriousness and resolve that the forebears possessed as the nation confronts an international anti-democratic elite

“Over the last 30 years we have fought many great battles,” the prime minister said, “but our biggest battle is about to begin.” He was alluding to the fact that in just over three weeks, Hungarians will go to the polls and cast a ballot that will decide Hungary’s fate not only for the next four years.

“In this election,” Prime Minister Orbán said, “there are national and democratic forces on the one side and international, anti-democratic forces on the other”. Now is not the time, he said, for the governing parties to pick a fight with the “anemic opposition parties” but to protect Hungary from those international interests, like the Soros empire, that work against Hungary’s national interests.

“This empire always takes aim at the heart, especially when it is red, white and green,” PM Orbán said. Hungary’s citizens remain strongly opposed to liberal immigration policies, he said, adding that Hungarians should be proud that their government stood out as the only one in the European Union that asked the citizens for their input on the question of immigration.

“The history of the defeated is written by others,” Orbán warned, “and the youth of western European will stand witness as they become a minority in their own country.

“If the dike collapses and the water flows in,” he said, “the cultural conquest will become irreversible.” The country cannot afford to lose this battle because we may not get another chance.

At that point, as the prime minister neared the end of his remarks, he spoke directly to the young. “Dear Hungarian youth, the homeland needs you,” he said, “come and join us in our fight so that when you’ll need the homeland you’ll still have one.”

“Hungarians, raise your flags. Go and fight for Hungary’s freedom!” Prime Minister Orbán said in closing. “Long live our homeland! Go Hungary, go Hungarians!”