The 12th National consultation has launched: Here are the eleven questions!

The government calls on the Hungarian people to stand together to protect the sovereignty of our country

The national consultation is a well-established government initiative to solicit public feedback on issues affecting the nation's sovereignty and policy-making. It offers a glimpse into citizens' stances on economic, security, and social matters, informing both national decision-making and international observers of Hungary's democratic engagement.

This is the 12th national consultation survey since 2010 involving numerous topics and focusing on issues affecting Hungary’s national sovereignty, from utility fees and energy security to the Russia-Ukraine War.

Let’s see the questions:



  1. Brussels wants to abolish the subsidies on household utility charges.

The European Commission wants to force us to abolish the subsidies for household utility charges. In their position paper, they say that we should “Wind down the emergency energy support measures in force.” They want to abolish a measure that reduces the energy bills of Hungarian families by an average of 181,000 forints per month.


The subsidies on household utility charges must be maintained.

There is no longer a need for price regulation in the energy market.

  1. Brussels wants to abolish the interest rate cap.

In recent times, bank interest rates have risen sharply. The Government has therefore introduced an interest rate cap to protect families, protecting 300,000 families and nearly 30,000 businesses. In its so-called “country-specific recommendations,” Brussels has made it clear that it wants to abolish this measure. 


The interest rate cap must be extended to 2024. 

Brussels is right, and the measure must be phased out.

  1. Brussels wants to abolish windfall taxes in Hungary.

The Government has imposed windfall taxes on large companies that have accumulated significant windfall profits during the pandemic and the wartime crisis. We expect these companies to take their share of the collective tax burden. But Brussels wants Hungary to abolish windfall taxes by the end of this year. 


The windfall taxes must be maintained.

There is no longer any need to tax windfall profits. 

  1. Brussels wants to create migrant ghettos in Hungary too.

Instead of us deciding for ourselves, Brussels wants to determine who we live with and who we allow into our country. They want to oblige us to let migrants into the country before their asylum applications have even been fully processed. This would create migrant ghettos in Hungary too.


We must not allow migrant ghettos to be created in our country.

Brussels’ migration plans must be accepted.

  1. Financial support from Brussels to Palestinian organizations has also reached Hamas.

In recent years, Brussels has given hundreds of thousands of euros to Palestinian organizations. Some of this aid has also gone to the Hamas terrorist organization. In Europe, crowds of immigrants have been celebrating terrorist attacks in the Middle East, and so terrorism is now a threat to Europe as a result of immigration encouraged by Brussels.


The threat of terrorism means that Brussels must stop supporting Palestinian organizations.

Brussels must continue to support Palestinian organizations, regardless of the terrorist threat. 

  1. Brussels would send more weapons to Ukraine.

From the outset, Brussels has taken a pro-war stance and has called for arms supplies. Accordingly, it has already spent more than €5 billion on developing the Ukrainian army. Its latest proposal is to provide a further €20 billion to arm Ukraine.


What is needed is a ceasefire and peace, not arms supplies.

More weapons bought with EU money must be sent to the battlefields.

  1. Brussels wants more money to support Ukraine.

The European Commission wants an extra €50 billion to support Ukraine. Since this amount is not available in the current EU budget, they want to squeeze extra funds from the Member States. They are asking Hungary for an additional contribution, while our country still has not received the long-awaited EU money it is entitled to under treaty agreements. Hungary has already spent billions of forints helping refugees coming in from Ukraine.


Let’s not pay more to support Ukraine until we’ve received the money that’s due to us.

Let’s accept the request from Brussels, even if the money due to us is not provided.

  1. Brussels wants to accept Ukraine as a Member State of the European Union.

There are growing voices calling for Ukraine to become a full member of the EU, even though it is a country at war. Ukraine’s admission would result in fundamental upheaval to the EU’s current funding systems. Under the current rules, as a full member Ukraine would receive a significant share of EU funds.


The conditions for Ukraine’s full membership are not yet in place.

Ukraine’s full membership must be supported.

  1. Brussels wants to allow in genetically modified Ukrainian grain.

After the war broke out, Brussels opened the borders to Ukrainian grain shipments. This measure was supposed to allow supplies to reach poorer regions of the world. But instead, much of the genetically modified Ukrainian grain flooded the markets of Eastern European countries, causing extreme difficulties for producers in this region. Hungary has banned the import of Ukrainian grain, but Brussels still wants us to let in genetically modified Ukrainian grain.


We must stand up for Hungarian farmers in every possible way and ensure that Hungarian agriculture is GMO-free.

We must open our market to genetically modified Ukrainian grain.

  1. Brussels wants to abolish the Child Protection Act.

Brussels is constantly attacking the Hungarian Child Protection Act. The European Commission has also challenged the Act in court. Meanwhile, news of aggressive LGBTQ propaganda targeting children is on the rise.


Child protection legislation needs to be tightened further.

The Child Protection Act must be relaxed in line with the proposal from Brussels.

  1. They want to influence Hungarian politics using money from Brussels and overseas.

In recent years various foreign organisations have been giving billions of euros to Hungarian politicians and associated activist groups. In this way, they want to force Hungary to change its position on key issues. Many believe that this is simply political corruption.


More stringent measures – including stricter legislation – should be enacted in order to combat foreign influence peddling.

The current legislation is adequate.

Every Hungarian household should receive a questionnaire by Christmas. Returning them is free of charge, with a deadline of January 10, 2024. The option for online completion was announced as well, with every Hungarian citizen encouraged to participate to support Hungary's sovereignty.