You have the right to know: through pilot projects with African countries, Brussels wants to facilitate immigration

Brussels eurocrats believe that migration is a positive phenomenon and something that should be facilitated. The Hungarian government, however, sees migration in a completely different light: mass immigration destabilizes, poses serious risks to our European Christian civilization, and should be stopped.

In a communication issued September 12, 2018, the European Commission encouraged Member States to set up so-called pilot programs with African countries, aimed at replacing “irregular migratory flows with safe, orderly and well managed legal migration pathways”. In other words, instead of focusing on bringing illegal migration to a halt, the European Commission seeks ways to legalize it.

It’s been clear for a while now that our view of immigration is at odds with the one advocated by much of the EU elite. Where our goal is to put an end to the influx of migrants, Brussels seems to accept it as inevitable and even an opportunity. With programs like these, they legitimize and enable more and more immigrants to come to Europe.

In its latest statement, a response to our recent public information campaign, the Commission admits that it has proposed the establishment of an EU framework system for resettlement from outside Europe, but now it denies that it is seeking to make this mandatory. Brussels tries to deny it, but the facts point elsewhere. 

Previously, the Commission “has taken the initiative to develop, together with Member States, a number of pilot projects with African countries to promote legal migration schemes for labor or traineeship purposes.”

Following the example of “EU resettlement initiatives that have demonstrated that unsafe and irregular migration can be replaced with legal and safe channels,” Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker proposed in his State of the Union speech last year, that we “need to open legal pathways to the Union […] We need skilled migrants. Commission proposals addressing this issue have been on the table for some time and must now be taken up.”

The Commission can’t stop talking about “legal pathways to the Union”, “orderly and well managed migration” and “promoting legal migration schemes” in Africa. Most European citizens don’t agree with this. That’s why you have the right to know.