You have the right to know: your taxpayer money will flow to the coffers of pro-migration NGOs

In an essay published yesterday on the official Élysée website, President Macron calls “For European Renewal with a program based on freedom, protection and progress. “We should ban,” the president writes, “the funding of European political parties by foreign powers.” We need to protect our democracies against foreign powers seeking to manipulate them.

President Macron’s campaign manifesto made me think of the European Parliament’s decision in January, which proposes a giant slush fund managed by Brussels and marked for activist NGOs managed by Brussels. The EU’s next seven-year budget would effectively triple funding for these so-called “civic groups,” many of which support immigration. They may not be political parties, but many of them are very much political actors.

Earlier this week, I posted about the ongoing migrant quota controversy, the emphasis on ‘border management’ over border protection and legal aspects of Brussels’ seven-point plan, but this one’s different: it’s about EU taxpayer money flowing directly to non-governmental organizations with no democratic mandate to carry out programs that may assist mass migration into the bloc.

Here are the facts:

According to a European Parliament proposal adopted January 17, Brussels would effectively triple the amount of financial support to activist NGOs. In the EU’s 2021-2027 multiannual financial framework, under the so-called “rights and values” program, the proposal says that instead of the initial Commission figure of EUR 642 million, a much larger budget of EUR 1.8 billion would be devoted to the fund and it would be managed from Brussels.

Experience shows that such funding is often granted to organizations that support immigration. The Commission’s proposed legislation related to the Rights and Values Program, published May 30, 2018 calls for supporting non-governmental organizations, and it specifically mentions promotion of the integration of migrants and the fight against hate speech. According to data on the European Commission’s official website, the Commission provided funding for an organization that took part in the implementation of the migrant debit card project.What is perhaps less well known is that in 2016 a pan-European, pro-immigration, political activist group called Liberties – which is funded by George Soros – proposed the establishment of an EU fund for organizations like theirs

Why would the EP triple the amount of EU taxpayer money slated for so-called “civic groups” to address “rights and values” in member states?

Another political activist, the billionaire financier George Soros, a staunch proponent of “open societies” and mass immigration, met with top EU officials on more than 20 occasions over the last few years. Why does “the man who broke the Bank of England,” a man who was convicted in France of insider trading, get such a warm-hearted reception from the leaders of the European Union?

He’s been working assiduously to promote his grand plansee “Here’s my plan to solve the asylum chaos” – and perhaps it’s not a coincidence that the sixth point in his plan calls for mobilizing NGOs, which will require “sufficient funding”.

Indeed, we need to protect our democracies. That begins with respecting the will of the citizens and their right to know.