Armed Forces Chief of Staff briefs President on defense and security matters

The recent visit forms part of the president’s program of visiting every county to learn first-hand about local affairs.

Chief of staff of the Hungarian Armed Forces, Gábor Böröndi briefed President Katalin Novák on the state of the military and matters concerning Hungary’s security, at the Gyula Castle in the south-eastern Hungarian town on Wednesday.

Speaking to the media before he met with the president, Böröndi said he was to brief President Novák, commander-in-chief of the armed forces, on the experiences gained in last November’s Adaptive Hussars 23 NATO military exercise. In response to a question, he said the exercise had been conducted based on Hungary’s National Armed Defense Plan. Cooperation between the army and county public administration bodies had been smooth, but the Armed Forces have amendment proposals regarding economic services, he said. Böröndi also briefed the president on the army’s recruitment scheme in Hódmezővásárhely, in southern Hungary. He said the army also had legislative proposals concerning the activation of the system of reservists. President Novák, who is on a multi-day visit to Békés County, on Wednesday afternoon, visited the birth house of Ferenc Erkel, the composer of the Hungarian national anthem, where she participated in a special music class with soprano Erika Miklósa and music historian András Batta, CEO of the House of Music in Budapest. She then paid a visit to the plant of the dairy company Szarvasi Mozzarella in Örménykút.