EP elections officially kick off today

The four-day EP electoral process begins today, in which some 400 million citizens of the European Union will vote

The 2019 European Parliamentary elections officially start today.

Citizens of the European Union can decide for the ninth time who will represent them in Strasbourg.

People can vote first in the UK and the Netherlands, and urns will open in the Czech Republic and in Ireland on Friday.

In Czechia, the election ends on Saturday just as in Latvia, Malta and Slovakia. In the other 21 member states the EP elections will be held simultaneously on Sunday.

The first turnout rates will be published at 9pm on the same day, exit polls will be released one hour later, and the first partial results will be revealed at 11pm.

At the beginning of the new cycle, the number of MEPs will be 751 instead of the originally planned 705 due to the postponement of the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union.