Hungary talks national consultation questionnaires, pension perks and tourism investment

Hungary is doing well, and the people must also have a share of the country’s achievements

The Hungarian government says it is clear the mandatory immigrant distribution quotas have failed, its therefore important for Hungarians to fill out the national consultation questionnaires to help them tackle the issue.

János Lázár, the minister heading the Prime Minister’s Office, said the national consultation questionnaires concerning the Soros plan will soon be posted.

Although the European Commission claimed victory regarding the mandatory quotas, the reality is a very different story, the minister said. He said the quota scheme had failed and only Malta had fulfilled its allotted quota. At the same time, infringement proceedings have only been initiated against three member states, he added.

The minister said every elector will have the opportunity to state their opinion. The government can only achieve results if the electors work together with it, he added.

The immigration consultations have special significance as those who take a firm stance on the issue of immigration support the government’s policy, he said.

During the government's weekly press conference, the minister also said that there will be pension supplements in November 2017. He said the economy is doing well, and pensioners, too, must have a share of the country’s achievements.

The minister said that after the spring pension increase, there will be a one-sum adjustment in November in accordance with the relevant legislation, and there will also be pension supplements.

He also said the government is working on ensuring that those concerned should also be given Erzsébet vouchers in December. This will depend on financial forecasts presented in the coming months.

Finally, the minister said the government will allocate excess funds worth 600 to 800 billion HUF to tourism up until 2030.

Tourism currently accounts for 9 to 10 percent of the GDP, and the government would like to increase this share to 16-17 percent, he said.

He said the sector will focus on the development directions designated by the tourism agencies, and the first call for proposals will be released in the next few days which will permit small guesthouses to carry out developments.