Nimród Antal to direct Liam Neeson thriller

Hungarian director, Nimród Antal is set to direct the film Retribution starring Liam Neeson in the spring.


The Picture Company, Studiocanal, and Ombra have named Nimród Antal the director of the thriller, Retribution. The action-packed movie is a remake of a 2015 Spanish film, El Desconcido.

The thriller will star 68-year old Liam Neeson, well known for his role in Taken.

Retribution puts a businessman (Neeson) in a dilemma when he discovers that a bomb has been planted in the car he’s driving. The deed is done by an unknown assailant who tells the driver to execute a series of commands throughout the day or the bomb will be detonated. To intensify the situation, the businessman’s family is in his car with him.

Antal is an American-born Hungarian. He came to Hungary in 1991 and studied at the Hungarian Film Academy. In 2005 he returned to America to work on screenwriting, directing, and acting in Hollywood.

He is known in the Hungarian community for his film Kontroll that he wrote in Hungarian and directed. The film is set in the Budapest Metro and the name of the title refers to the act of ticket inspectors checking to ensure riders have paid their fares. The film won various awards, including the Award of the Youth at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival and the main prize at the Chicago International Film Festival.

Antal has also directed various American films including Vacancy, Armored, Predators, Metallica Through the Never, Wayward Pines and Servant.

The film Retribution is set to begin filming in the spring in Berlin.