PM Orbán urges Hungarians to take part in EP election on May 26th

"We are not going to follow the dictates of Brussels if they are no good for Hungarians,” the prime minister said

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has urged all Hungarians “who love their country and support its interests” to take part in the European Parliament election on May 26th.

“Brussels must be shown that what is happening in Hungary is what the Hungarian people want,” PM Orbán said.

“It is not in Brussels in the offices of parties pushed and pulled to the left and George Soros-type civil organizations that will decide what happens in Hungary and Europe," the prime minister added. "We are not going to follow the dictates of Brussels if they are no good for Hungarians."

The prime minister highlighted that when Brussels demanded austerity measures in 2010, the Hungarian government turned away the IMF and cut taxes. When they wanted “banks to be able to collect forex loans hundred-fold from the people” the government called banks to account. And when Brussels wanted high public utility fees, Hungary cut the utility fees instead. “Then they said we should let the migrants in and we built a fence,” he said. “And now they say we should accept returning migrants, but we refuse to approve the mandatory settlement quotas,” he added.

Responding to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s statement that it is unacceptable for certain member states to ban migrants, PM Orbán said pro-migration countries and their leaders had not given up on their “plan to change central Europe”.

“Hungary will not give up its basic rights … and Hungarians will continue to make decisions on important issues that determine people’s lives here,” the prime minister said. “The Brussels elite lives in a bubble and has lost touch with reality,” he said, adding that national interests must be firmly planted and given priority.

PM Orbán also urged Hungarians to vote in the upcoming EP elections on May 26th. He said the task ahead was to continue informing people about the plans of Brussels and hopefully after the EP elections, “better times will come along so we can build a new Europe with Hungary’s active participation.”