President Novák builds on Hungary-Turkey partnership

The president said that Hungary was very much dependent on Turkey in terms of gas supplies from Azerbaijan.

President Katalin Novák said NATO must remain united and be strengthened, but issues over the alliance's expansion must be debated.
In response to a question concerning the NATO accession of Finland and Sweden, the president said in an interview with the English-language news program One on One on TRT World: “In these demanding times we have to stay united and we also have to show our strength.” NATO is an important alliance which should be strengthened, she added. Commenting on NATO accession, she said: “We should have debates about these decisions; we should really consider the pros and cons.” Novák said that both the Hungarian parliament and Turkey had already decided on Finland’s NATO accession, but concerning Sweden, there were tough debates taking place in the Hungarian parliament. “From Sweden’s high representatives there were some unacceptable statements about Hungary,” she said. “They were [baseless], biased statements about Hungary,” she added. However, she said that her opinion as president was that “we should put these issues aside and say that in this very difficult and demanding situation, we have more reasons to accept in the NATO Sweden than to refuse this.”

The president added that Hungary was very much dependent on Turkey in terms of gas supplies from Azerbaijan. “Turkey has been a very reliable partner,” she said in connection with Russian gas which also comes through Turkey on the Turkish pipeline. On the question of the country’s dependence on Russian energy, she said that Hungary’s geographical position was such that dependence cannot be changed overnight, “but we are constantly working to reduce this dependence”. In the interview, Novák also expressed Hungary’s condolences to the Turkish people in connection with the Feb. 6 earthquakes.