Hungary’s next national consultation: Strengthening the country as we move beyond the pandemic

“Hungary must prepare for the age of epidemics and mass migration,” Gergely Gulyás, the Minister heading the Prime Minister’s Office, said earlier today, announcing at the weekly Kormányinfó press conference that the upcoming survey will begin as early as next week.

Public opinion on matters of national importance remains a priority for the Orbán Government, and as post-pandemic life gets under way we face a number of important questions. That’s why we’re launching the next national consultation.

The consultation consists of a questionnaire mailed to every Hungarian household. It has proven an effective means of ensuring that policies of significance rest on popular consent. It’s much more efficient than a referendum, not only because it’s less costly but also because it can cover a wide range of issues.  This next consultation will be the eleventh since 2010.

The consultation will comprise of a total of 14 questions, most of which are on economic issues, including the minimum wage, the family tax benefit and the credit moratorium. Questions related to migration, domestic vaccine production and the recently adopted anti-pedophile law will also be addressed.

Commenting on the addition of Hungary’s new law on child protection to the questionnaire the minister said that “the anti-pedophile bill is not about homosexuals, it is about protecting our children and ensuring that their sexual education remains the sole right of parents - no one should be allowed to interfere with that.”

You can clearly see the themes along which we want to set the course of our policy. It’s all about protection: the protection of families, financially devastated by the epidemic, our children, our health, and our borders.

We believe in democratic dialogue and we will always ask the public before we make important decisions. We would like to encourage the public to have their say in the decision-making process and to synchronize our actions with their will.

We are facing many threats but big changes, too, which may steer our lives for the better. We have overcome the 3rd wave of the pandemic and can now focus on economic reboot. Our goal is to strengthen Hungary and protect those who need it the most, and we are eager to know the public's view on how this should be done.