Upcoming national consultation: Questions about families and the economy

Multiple questions in the upcoming national consultation cover issues related to family and economic policy, as one of the Hungarian government’s main priorities is to strengthen these areas in the post-pandemic era.

Hungary’s next national consultation, the eleventh since 2010, is set to begin next week. By assessing public opinion before making important policy decisions, the Hungarian government aims to ensure that the new measures enjoy widespread public support.

Among the 14 questions, the government asks Hungarian people for their opinion on the proposed family tax refunds. According to plans, if Hungary reaches at least 5.5 percent GDP growth in 2021, families with children will get back the entire amount of personal income tax paid this year.

Meanwhile, another question concerns the tax on wages, something that the government has decreased considerably in recent years. In the national consultation, we will be asking people whether family policy steps and pensions should receive constitutional protection as well as measuring public support of the moratorium on loan repayments.

What’s more, one of the most important questions in the survey will address increasing the minimum wage to HUF 200,000 so that families — not just corporations — would also get a fair share of the benefits of economic growth.

Stay tuned, the official national consultation questionnaire will be out soon!