Government Spokesperson: Hungary leaves no one without help

Hungary will not leave anyone without help, government spokeswoman Alexandra Szentkirályi said in Astei (Asztély) on Sunday during her visit to the border-crossing point to see firsthand how the help center there operates.

The government spokeswoman visited the 24-hour refugee help center on the Ukrainian side of the border with László Lehel, President and CEO of the Hungarian Interchurch Aid (HIA) and János Gerevich, head of the organization's Berehove (Beregszász) office.

She stressed that the help center is constantly being improved, and the representatives of the aid organization are asking the refugees queuing on the Ukrainian side of the border what they need in Hungary so that they can provide concrete assistance as quickly as possible.

She also emphasized that the border police are prepared for any eventuality, aid agencies are present everywhere, and there is no shortage of volunteers. In addition, the government has given an extra HUF 3 billion to the six charities it is working closely with to help tackle the humanitarian crisis. “Hungary helps everyone, we are prepared to help everyone, no one is left without help,” she said.

The government spokesperson also visited several other assistance points in other border settlements.

Photo credit: MTI