Here's the questionnare that allows the people to have their say on the Soros Plan

On Wednesday, the government published the national consultation on the Soros plan, one of a series of national consultations in which the government turns to the people in the form of public surveys to ask their opinion on subjects important to their daily lives. This seventh national consultation addresses the Soros Plan to resettle one million migrants in Europe per year. The following is an English-language translation of the questionnaire.


1. George Soros wants to convince Brussels to resettle at least one million immigrants from Africa and the Middle East annually on the territory of the European Union, including Hungary as well.

Soros has been working for many years to change Europe and European societies. He wants to achieve his goal with the resettlement of masses of people from different cultural backgrounds. When presenting his plan, he described it like this: “[T]he EU has to accept at least a million asylum-seekers annually for the foreseeable future.” (Project Syndicate, September 26, 2015). The European Parliament supports a similar position. The public body has supported relocation programs and the establishment of immigration routes. (2015/2342. (INI))

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Read Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács's latest blog post on the national consultation here.

2. George Soros, together with leaders in Brussels, also plan to have the member states of the EU, including Hungary, take down the border protection fences and open the borders for immigrants.

Well-guarded borders mean effective protection against illegal immigration. It is no coincidence that the dismantling of the border protection fences is an important goal of the Soros plan. This way, borders would open to illegal immigrants. The billionaire said that “our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle” (Bloomberg Business, October 30, 2015). Certain leaders in Brussels also heavily criticized border defenses. The commissioner for migration stated in June: it is not a good solution if member states of the EU erect fences on the outer borders.  

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3. It is part of the Soros plan that Brussels redistributes immigrants gathered in Western European countries on a mandatory basis, referring in particular to Eastern European countries. Hungary would be required to take part in this as well.

George Soros wrote the following about the redistribution of immigrants: “If they do not become permanent and mandatory features of the common European asylum system, it will fall apart.” (Financial Times, July 26, 2015) In 2015, in Brussels, a decision was made that Hungary, as a first step, would be required to accept 1294 immigrants. Then, in 2016, the European Commission made a proposal to make it possible to redistribute immigrants in an unlimited number (IP/16/1620.). In harmony with George Soros’ proposal, the European Union Agency for Asylum is being established as well, which further erodes national authority over the issue of immigration. If resettlement quotas become effective, Hungarians will not have a say in the question of who they live together with in the future.

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4. Based on the Soros plan, Brussels should require every member state, including Hungary, to pay 9 million HUF in mandatory state aid for every immigrant.

According to Soros, significant amounts should be spent on immigrants. “The EU should provide €15,000 ($16,800) per asylum-seeker for each of the first two years to help cover housing, health care, and education costs – and to make accepting refugees more appealing to member states.” (Project Syndicate, September 26, 2015). According to the billionaire, this sum should be paid from loans. Soros proposes that taxes should be raised to pay the loans back. The billionaire would raise the value-added tax and taxes on gasoline and tourism. Last year, in Brussels, Soros also recommended that the EU, in order to overcome the migration crisis, should decrease agriculture and cohesion funds for Central European countries. 

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5. George Soros would also like to see migrants receive lighter sentences for the crimes they commit.

George Soros, with significant amounts of funding, supports numerous organizations that assist immigration and defend immigrants who have committed unlawful acts. One example, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, with regard to the prohibited crossing of the border argued that “the application of strict legal consequences with regard to unlawful entry may be considered concerning.” Another Soros-funded organization, Amnesty International, demanded numerous times that Ahmed H be set free, the man who was sentenced for attacking with stones Hungarian policemen defending the border. Amnesty would even have the Hungarian state pay compensation.

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6. The goal of the Soros plan is to diminish the importance of the language and culture of European countries in order to make the integration of illegal immigrants happen sooner.

George Soros writes in his book entitled “Open Society” that the “decline in those powers [of the sovereign state], ought to be a welcome development.” Soros has also spoken openly about not giving up the conviction that migration is benefiting Europe. He has called upon non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and companies to become sponsors of immigration. He also said the continent should finally take active steps to establish open societies. Even today, in some European countries and multinational companies, they voluntarily remove European and Christian symbols, so that they do not “hurt the sensibilities of the immigrants.”

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7. It is part of the Soros plan to launch political attacks on countries objecting to immigration and impose strict penalties on them.

The biggest obstacles in the execution of the Soros plan are the governments that make a stand for national sovereignty and oppose illegal immigration. Soros cannot yet bring one million immigrants into Europe today because there are governments that object to this. The Hungarian government fulfills the Schengen Agreement when it protects the borders and builds a fence to impede the execution of the Soros plan. Soros and a number of decision-makers in Brussels assail our homeland for that reason. According to a proposal of the European Commission, member states that do not participate in the resettlement program would have to pay a 78 million HUF penalty for each migrant (2016/0133. (COD)). A Hungarian worker would have to labor for decades to earn such an amount.

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Deadline for posting: November 24

Publisher: Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister (1055 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos tér 1–3.)