Soltész: HUF 540 million received so far through the Bridge for Transcarpathia aid program

As of Sunday morning, HUF 540 million had been pledged through the government’s Bridge for Transcarpathia aid program following the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the state secretary for church and state relations said.

Miklós Soltész said that charitable organizations have so far provided assistance to more than 59,000 people in border settlements and at Budapest railway stations, amounting to some HUF 200 million.

He also noted that the government had earmarked HUF 600 million in a first step and then a further HUF 1.3 billion to provide direct assistance to Transcarpathia and even beyond.

He called on the Hungarian Left “not to play with fire, not to want to send arms supplies and soldiers, and not to drag Hungarians into the war, as there is already enough tragedy in Ukraine.”

Photo credit: Facebook/Soltész Miklós